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5 more detailed CRO case studies--the before and after pages and the changes that produced double and triple-digit sales gains—one even got an 825.7% gain (that is not a typo!)

The ‘mad scientist’ inspired 2x formula for your Ecommerce conversion rates. It is easy to follow and will help you avoid years of pain and frustration, and tens of thousands of dollars in ad spend it would take to figure it out on your own. --page 8

Why 87% A/B tests fail to produce meaningful lifts. What to do differently to avoid this trap.---page 6

The 7 point checklist we use before launching a new A/B test. --page 25

Bonus 1: Trina Felber’s Story. The Unusual Rebrand that Led to 487% Growth and $4.6 million in Sales

Bonus 2: (For consultants). The cold email template I’ve used to get appointments and clients (mentioned by Mike Faith below)

Hurry to Get $1 Promotional Price (94% Off $14.99 full price).Only for the first few dozen buyers"

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and distilled learnings from dozens of case studies into a simple, easy-to-follow blueprint.

If the case studies are like fish, 2x ‘formula’ is the “way to fish”. And as they say, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Show him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime!

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The “2x” ‘Formula’ is Based on 5,108 Webpage Experiments Done by a Cambridge University ‘Mad Scientist’

There is actually a true ‘mad scientist’ story (find out his idenity in the cheat sheet). He is a Cambridge University affiliated researcher and his students have collectively generated billions of dollars in incremental online sales using his research findings. I am one of them and have adapted and simplified his work for ecommerce merchants

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Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

Jasper Kuria

Founder of Capital & Growth

Jasper Kuria is the founder of Capital & Growth. He holds a degree from Yale University and spent 7 years at Microsoft in Product Management and software engineering roles.

In the last few years, his team has generated tens of millions of dollars in incremental sales for ecommerce sites, using the secret 2x formula below. He is well known for simplifying complex information.

Don’t Just Trust Me.
Here’s What My Clients Say…

"They helped us increase our revenue by 91%. Projected over a year this is worth more than $10 million"

Don Vasquez
CMO, Protalus

"Jasper is an expert at growth. In part due to his efforts, we are currently exceeding our sales forecast for Office 365 SMB Subscriptions for the affiliate by 117%"

JD Sutton
Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Office

"We’ve seen our Conversion Rate for free trials increase by almost 3x by implementing their recommendations! We are so happy with their work that we’ve partnered with them and recommend them to all our clients"

Trenton Scott
Co-Founder & Director of Sales, Mouseflow

"What a terrific email Jasper! I get dozens every day but yours is really good. If someone wrote the copy on this I'd like to employ them* “

Mike Faith
CEO, ($50 million+ revenue)

*Mike hired us based on a cold email to write an email follow up series, which got a 40% plus open rate. Unfortunately for him, we were not available to be employed! See the cold email template we use to get clients in the cheat sheet below.

Representative Clients

3 Quick Facts About the Reality of Ecommerce Today…

1. Rapidly Rising Click Costs Mean It’s Harder to Turn a Profit and Grow Your Online Sales (Its NOT Your Fault!)

Rise in CPC for Google Adwords. The story is the same for Facebook ads and other high quality traffic sources.

Most ecommerce merchants cite high click costs or expensive traffic as their #1 challenge. It is harder than ever to turn a decent profit or grow sales.

2. There Are No Traffic Problems, Just Conversion Ones

“Conversion Rate” is the percentage of your site visitors who buy. If out of every 100 visitors 1 buys, you have a 1% conversion rate.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a fancy term that just means: The art and science of getting more of your site visitors to buy i.e. “converting more visitors”

It is very different from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is about getting more traffic to your site.

CRO increases your sales without more traffic. It is usually done by running A/B tests—splitting your traffic between two pages to see which produces more sales.

After you have a bit of traffic, conversion is far more important than more traffic. Here’s why…

For example, if you are paying $1 per click and use CRO to double your conversion rate, your effective Cost Per Click now becomes 50 cents. You can then bid higher, which leads to more traffic, more sales and more profits.

CRO Examples

3. The ‘Mad Scientist’ Inspired 2x Formula is a Simple and Proven Way to Dramatically Increase Your Ecommerce Sales WITHOUT More Traffic

If you have done any kind of CRO or A/B testing you know that most tests do not produce a sales gain. There’s a reason why, which we explain in the ‘cheat sheet’ below.

But by using the proven ‘formula’, you will dramatically increase your odds of success.

Hurry to Get $1 Promotional Price (94% Off $14.99 full price).Only for the first few dozen buyers"

Why The “2x” Conversion Formula Works Especially Well for Smaller Ecommerce Stores

Trina Felber, Founder Primal Life Organics

Learn How She Got 487% Growth and $4.6 million in sales in the ‘cheat sheet’ below - as part of our How We Made It in Ecommerce interview series

Most Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Have a 'Passion Product' and Understand their Customers Well

The ‘secret 2x formula' then serves as a powerful catalyst for a product the market already wants. You see, no amount of marketing genius or gimmickry can help a product no one wants.

Economies of Scale

The massive growth in sales that usually results, means you can source your product in larger quantities--and at a lower per unit cost.

For example, one of our clients in the supplement business reduced their cost per unit from $22 to $14 while maintaining their $39 price. This increased their gross profit by 90% (from $9 to $17)

Why It is Easier than You Realize to Get 2x More Sales WITHOUT More Traffic

To get a 2x better conversion rate lift (100%) you just need to get a 19% lift at four different points in your customer acquisition funnel. It is 19% (and NOT 25%) because the gains are multiplicative.

Here is an example of the effect of getting a 19% lift on the ad CTR, the landing page, the checkout form and the upsell page.

1.19 x 1.19 x 1.19 x 1.19 = 2.01 (100% lift)

You DOUBLE SALES without any more traffic! And by following the research-driven 'formula' most anyone can get a 19% lift. It is a very low bar.

The cumulative effect of getting a 19% Conversion Rate lift at 4 points in your customer acquisition funnel. Leads to 100% more sales (2x)

The ‘Mad Scientist’ Inspired, “2x Formula” for Ecommerce Conversion. Claim Your ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Just $1 (94% Off $14.99 full price)

My work has appeared in/on:

The $1 promotional price is for the first few dozen buyers. Hurry while it lasts…Act Now and Be Reading It in LESS than 60 seconds…

Hurry to Get $1 Promotional Price (94% Off $14.99 full price).Only for the first few dozen buyers"