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What I Look for In Tech Startups

Below is a summary of an interview with the prominent Seattle tech investor Chris Devore. Jasper Kuria did the in-person interview and Chris Sheppard contributed to the summary.   Chris DeVore is Managing Director of Techstars Seattle, the Pacific Northwest’s most selective startup accelerator, and also co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders’ Co-op, the region’s […]

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“The 10 Traits of Successful CEOs We’ve Backed”

From a talk on July 24th, 2014 In Seattle by Dan Levitan, co-founder (with Howard Schultz) of Maveron Venture Capital Fund. According to Dan, most people have no business being start-up CEO’s. He estimates that only 1 in 100 prospective entrepreneurs are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a successful CEO. He has compiled a […]

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Y Combinator Partner & Gmail Creator, Paul Buchheit: The Surprising Thing I’ve Learned from Investing in 200+ Startups

Paul Buchheit is a partner at Y Combinator and an angel investor in over 200 companies, with 29 exits. He was employee #23 at Google where he created Gmail and also came up with the “Don’t be evil” motto. He shares his early Google experiences and key investing insights with Capital & Growth. Any guess what […]

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High Growth Startups: The Studio Model for Building Them

Greg Gottesman is the co-founder of Pioneer Square Labs and was previously a partner a Madrona Venture Group. He was also the founding CEO of Rover, the top dog sitting marketplace in the nation (US). Rover is valued at close to $1 billion and poised to go public soon. It started as ‘an idea on […]

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This Time AI Is For Real Says This Forbes Midas List Honoree

Matt McIlwain as a Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group. He is a Forbes midas list honoree. Some of his notable investments include Isilon, Apptio, PayScale and SmartSheet. He is particularly interested in intelligent applications powered by “dataware”. He is a big believer that “VR/AR time has arrived!” He shared his thoughts with Capital & […]

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Seeking ‘Unicorn’ Status Considered Harmful! Valuation Alone Means Nothing.

Bill Bryant is a partner at the venture firm DFJ (Draper Fisher Juvertson). He has had early involvement in more than 25 leading software companies, serving as founder, senior exec or investor. Some notable companies include Hotmail, Z2live, Qpass, Netbot, Isilon, Remitly and Socrata. He shared his thoughts with Capital & Growth’s Jasper Kuria in the […]

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