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Thanks for signing up. We will send you new issues as we publish them (roughly once a week). In the meantime, enjoy past episodes. Shayan Zadeh: CEO Dressbarn and Co-founder Zoosk ( Sold for $250 Million) Click Here to Read the Digital Magazine Version Brad Smith: President, Microsoft (Coming Soon) Michael Seibel: CEO Y Combinator, […]

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What I Look for In Tech Startups

Below is a summary of an interview with the prominent Seattle tech investor Chris Devore. Jasper Kuria did the in-person interview and Chris Sheppard contributed to the summary.   Chris DeVore is Managing Director of Techstars Seattle, the Pacific Northwest’s most selective startup accelerator, and also co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders’ Co-op, the region’s […]

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“The 10 Traits of Successful CEOs We’ve Backed”

From a talk on July 24th, 2014 In Seattle by Dan Levitan, co-founder (with Howard Schultz) of Maveron Venture Capital Fund. According to Dan, most people have no business being start-up CEO’s. He estimates that only 1 in 100 prospective entrepreneurs are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a successful CEO. He has compiled a […]

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Y Combinator Partner & Gmail Creator, Paul Buchheit: The Surprising Thing I’ve Learned from Investing in 200+ Startups

Paul Buchheit is a partner at Y Combinator and an angel investor in over 200 companies, with 29 exits. He was employee #23 at Google where he created Gmail and also came up with the “Don’t be evil” motto. He shares his early Google experiences and key investing insights with Capital & Growth. Any guess what […]

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High Growth Startups: The Studio Model for Building Them

Greg Gottesman is the co-founder of Pioneer Square Labs and was previously a partner a Madrona Venture Group. He was also the founding CEO of Rover, the top dog sitting marketplace in the nation (US). Rover is valued at close to $1 billion and poised to go public soon. It started as ‘an idea on […]

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This Time AI Is For Real Says This Forbes Midas List Honoree

Matt McIlwain as a Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group. He is a Forbes midas list honoree. Some of his notable investments include Isilon, Apptio, PayScale and SmartSheet. He is particularly interested in intelligent applications powered by “dataware”. He is a big believer that “VR/AR time has arrived!” He shared his thoughts with Capital & […]

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