Which One Won? With or Without Delivery Date?

By Jasper Kuria On 9:45 pm

Background & Details

Get It By is an eCommerce solutions provider that helps online retailers display product shipping information to increase buyer trust.

Through a javascript pixel, retailers can show shoppers expected delivery dates for products, personalized to the shopper’s location. The notification looks like this:


Working with the stylish men’s boot retailer, Helm, the testing team wanted to know if they could increase shoe sales by adding the “Get It By” notification on the cart page.


The team suspected showing the Get It By shipping information would lift sales for two reasons:

  1. Displaying shipping information would help shoppers feel assured the product would arrive in a timely fashion.
  2. Showing the timer, with the shipping cutoff time, would prompt shoppers to immediately place their order, to ensure meeting the delivery deadline.

However, the team acknowledged, showing the Get It By shipping information could have no effect at all. Or, worse yet, could create hesitation and lower conversions. So tested it.


Winner: Version B – with the Get It By display was the standout winner, producing 11% more orders. Results achieved 95% confidence, with a sample size of 5,000+ visits split 50/50 between the two versions.


Why did adding just a simple delivery notification work so well to increase conversions?

There’s likely a few factors at play:

1. Helped Meet Consumer Expectations

Online shoppers have come to expect shipping transparency, particularly with “Amazonification” of eCommerce.

According to Get It By, 76% of online shoppers have Amazon Prime. So, we’ve come to expect that when we purchase online, we’ll be told exactly when our products will arrive.

2. Provided Assurance Product Would Arrive On Time 

In fact, we may make purchase decisions specifically based on expected arrival date.

Think last minute holiday or birthday gift shopping. Ever NOT buy something on Amazon because you didn’t think it’d arrive in time?

According to Get It By, 78% of online shoppers say delivery date significantly affects their buying decisions. What’s more, Get It By reports 83% of shoppers say that the product delivery date is just as important as price. When you’re in a pinch, knowing you’ll get your goods in time might be just what you need to convert.

3. Reduced Hesitation & Increased Urgency

Knowing your order will arrive in time provides a sense of relief. This reassurance reduces hesitancy and eases the purchase decision.

You don’t have to think about timing, or pull out your calendar, counting backwards the days needed for your item to arrive in time. It’s a no-brainer. Get It By tells you exactly when your order will come – to your personalized location.

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Jasper Kuria